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Friday, April 4, 2008

New Knicker and Raincoat Pics by Pamela Palma

I make bike knickers because they are the right thing to bike it. Grateful that they are also very much a trend. No coincidence as we are now in the second Golden Age of Bicyling! And I make them out of wool because it the by far the best fabric for the action of riding a bike. High tech materials only strive to do what we mammals have perfected: a natural protein fiber that wicks moisture away from your skin where it can evaporate so your clothing doesn't hold smell. Much of the environmental impact of clothing is not production, but the water used to wash a garment in its lifetime. Wool requires much less laundering than synthetic fibers because the stink don't stick , and less water to wash when you do have to than cellulose fibers (like cotton) because it is not that absorbent (ever seen a wool wash cloth?). And you never dry it in the dryer. I have been laundering my knickers for months now and they hold up well in the wash. Care instructions: Spot clean when you can. When needed, use a cold or cool water wash in very little mild soap on a short, gentle cycle. Lie flat or hang dry. Again, that is Raven in the pic.

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