B. Spoke Tailor by Sui Generis is clothing made with bicycling in mind. Here's how it goes...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Yerba Buean Center for the Arts Indy Fashion Festival

Check out the event that B. Spoke Tailor had the opportunity to participate in. Lots of pics to see.


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Vest Pack Love

Photos by Pamela Palma
Jen and Eric with Bike Friday Tikit at Caltrain Station, SF

Yerba Buean Center for the Arts Indy Fashion Fest

Photo of Eric, Stephen and Janet by Pamela Palma, taken at Warm Planet Bikes

B. Spoke Tailor, formerly JoyRider Clothing, will be participating in this independent designer festival this Saturday, Oct 11 from 11 am to 7 pm. Shopping will end at 4 pm. Come a make a purchase or place your order for knickers, raincoats and vest packs! Hope to see you all there!


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Momentum Magazine Interbike Fashion show video

Have a look at it here:


Thanks Momentum Magazine. We absolutely love you!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Momentum Magazine at Interbike

Here is a recent blog post, pics by Richard Masoner of Momentum Magazine models, Paul Freedman the Fossil Fool and Nan in Las Vegas at Interbike, the worlds largest bike trade show: http://www.cyclelicio.us/

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

JoyRider at InterBike Las Vegas

From Top:
Boulder City Outdoor Demo, Cars, Nan and Jennifer being tourists. Wore those vest packs all week in the hot sun. Not bad for good old low tech almost long gone waxed cotton. Did meet another designer, Meander Wear, that uses the same cloth.

Demo Tour Launch Event at Warm Planet Bikes at San Francisco's Caltrain Station

Recycled bike wheel clothing rack (pictured, below right) available to retailers upon request

Photos by Pamela Palma

Mens Wool Knickers
Tan 100% wool gabardine (including pocket lining)
Features include inseam gusset, keyhole buttonholes, horn buttons, cellphone pocket, knee tabs
$150 retail

Waxed Cotton Vest Pack
Black with maroon trim
Features include convertible flap to double carrying capacity, laptop sleeve, YKK zippers, pleated front pockets, U-lock pocket
$275 retail

Photos by Pamela Palma

Waxed Cotton Raincoat
Available in maroon with orange trim and black with maroon trim
Features include deep back pleat, detachable hood, 2-way YKK zippers
$400 retail

Womens Wool Knickers
Available in black wool gabardine and black with white pinstripe
superfine suiting
Features include inseam gusset, padded waistband, cellphone pocket, keyhole buttonholes, horn buttons, knee tabs
$150 retail

Photos by Pamela Palma

Left: Timothy Bustos, bike advocate, collector, antique bicycle museum curator, City of Davis city planning
Right: Kash and Ted of Warm Planet Bikes

Photos by Pamela Palma

Warm Planet Bikes is located in San Francisco's Caltrain station. Free bike parking is available to commuters. Shop carries a wide variety of folding, commuter, and cargo bikes, including BikeFriday, Dahon and Xtracycle kits. And the complete collection of JoyRider Clothing.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vest Pack Video Demo by Eddie Johnson

For a video of the JoyRider waxed cotton vest pack see Eddie Johnson demoing it at http://blip.tv/file/1109004/

Friday, June 13, 2008

Bike Friday frequents the market.

Eddie Johnson loves his Bike Friday folding bike. Bike Friday is a Eugene, Oregon based coop that make these ingenious bikes. It was perfect collaborative process getting the vest pack to Eddie that he wanted. Here is what he wrote to me upon receiving it:

The vest pack is great! It makes for a great cycling
pack plus works well off the bike too! Once this get
'discovered' by others, it should be a hit in the
cycling commuter world. Thanks for for the extra
pockets. I didn't notice them until later. Very well
executed. The pack feels great while riding and is
very stable. BTW, could you forward the pics you took
of me, the vest pack and my bike? I want to send one
to Bike Friday to put in their "What do you do on a
Friday" gallery. I also picked up a pair of your arm
warmers from Montano Velo to keep in my vest pack for
those chilly rides. Take care Nan and keep innovating.

Speaking of Bike Fridays showing up at the market, Jennifer Michels and her man Eric Berlow took theirs to Italy. Read about it on the Bike Friday website.

JoyRider at Temescal Market June 15th and 22nd

Nan will be at the Temescal Farmers Market three times in the month of June. Stop by on June 15th and 22nd to pick up your finished knickers, raincoats, vest packs and more. Send your friends to be fitted for custom wool bike knickers. Plan ahead and get a great deal on last seasons waxed cotton raincoats at 25% off.

You may see Raven picking up sprouts at the end of the market. Ask her about her yoga class schedule, how her chickens are liking their luxury suite coop or how to start an apricot tree from seed.

Friday, April 4, 2008

New Knicker and Raincoat Pics by Pamela Palma

I make bike knickers because they are the right thing to bike it. Grateful that they are also very much a trend. No coincidence as we are now in the second Golden Age of Bicyling! And I make them out of wool because it the by far the best fabric for the action of riding a bike. High tech materials only strive to do what we mammals have perfected: a natural protein fiber that wicks moisture away from your skin where it can evaporate so your clothing doesn't hold smell. Much of the environmental impact of clothing is not production, but the water used to wash a garment in its lifetime. Wool requires much less laundering than synthetic fibers because the stink don't stick , and less water to wash when you do have to than cellulose fibers (like cotton) because it is not that absorbent (ever seen a wool wash cloth?). And you never dry it in the dryer. I have been laundering my knickers for months now and they hold up well in the wash. Care instructions: Spot clean when you can. When needed, use a cold or cool water wash in very little mild soap on a short, gentle cycle. Lie flat or hang dry. Again, that is Raven in the pic.