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Friday, June 13, 2008

Bike Friday frequents the market.

Eddie Johnson loves his Bike Friday folding bike. Bike Friday is a Eugene, Oregon based coop that make these ingenious bikes. It was perfect collaborative process getting the vest pack to Eddie that he wanted. Here is what he wrote to me upon receiving it:

The vest pack is great! It makes for a great cycling
pack plus works well off the bike too! Once this get
'discovered' by others, it should be a hit in the
cycling commuter world. Thanks for for the extra
pockets. I didn't notice them until later. Very well
executed. The pack feels great while riding and is
very stable. BTW, could you forward the pics you took
of me, the vest pack and my bike? I want to send one
to Bike Friday to put in their "What do you do on a
Friday" gallery. I also picked up a pair of your arm
warmers from Montano Velo to keep in my vest pack for
those chilly rides. Take care Nan and keep innovating.

Speaking of Bike Fridays showing up at the market, Jennifer Michels and her man Eric Berlow took theirs to Italy. Read about it on the Bike Friday website.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Not to be particular but you're mixing Bike Friday up a bit with Burley, which the owner of Bike Friday started. They were a co-op up until recently but Bike Friday never was. There's definitely a collaborative atmosphere but when decisions need to be made someone makes them rather than simply waiting for consensus. It's an important difference! :D

Anyways, Edi's got a pretty damn cool version of a Bike Friday. I've got some great pics he sent I've been meaning to put on my blog. I'd love, though, to see pictures of this vest pack. The very idea of it sounds intriguing.